Fremont Towing


There are times when you need to have your vehicle towed. You might need to call for a tow truck to move a vehicle that has:

  • Gotten damaged in an accident
  • Broken down due to some mechanical failure
  • Become overheated
  • Rusted and needs to be taken to a junk yard
  • To be moved to another location without being driven

While in some situations you may able pre-plan when to have the tow truck come, often you need emergency towing services. Seattle Towing Company is happy to provide all your requirements for routine or emergency towing needs in Fremont, WA and its nearby areas.

Our towing crew is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide aid right when you need it. Our tow truck company is also available in Fremont to transport industrial or construction machinery and other heavy equipment.

Fremont Tow Truck


Ensuring the peace of mind of our customers is our top priority on all the towing jobs we do. Whether we are called for emergency towing by an upset vehicle owner or hired by facility managers for towing equipment, we want them to relax in the knowledge that their asset is in safe hands.

Our tow truck company serves its Fremont customers through professionally licensed, insured, sincere, diligent and dependable drivers. We send an insured, bonded, state-of-the-art tow truck to ensure that every job is completed seamlessly.

Our technicians make sure that whatever they tow is:

  • Handled as carefully as if it was their own
  • Securely firmly on the tow truck
  • Remains safe during transit
  • Is delivered in exactly the condition it was picked up in

Fremont Emergency Towing


We know that speed is of the essence in emergency towing jobs. Providing emergency services does not mean just being accessible at odd or after-business hours. It also means responding swiftly to urgent calls for assistance and reaching the customer in the shortest time possible.

Our towing company keeps its tow trucks and technicians ready for instant dispatch to address emergency towing calls from Fremont. Moreover, we send in towing experts who:

  • Come with winching equipment that may be needed
  • Have been trained in collision, rollover and underwater recovery
  • Are compassionate and treat the customer gently, respectfully

Do not panic when you need emergency towing assistance anywhere in Fremont. Just call Seattle Towing Company and let its expert professionals take care of the rest. Call (206) 399-0366.