Cheap Towing Newcastle


Vehicles these days are manufactured with the latest technology for better fuel efficiency and minimal malfunctioning. Despite improved technology, however, if your vehicle breaks down, you'll be stranded anyways. It may be due to your negligence in vehicle maintenance or because of an accident.

At that moment, you need services of a reliable and cheap towing company to get your vehicle to the garage safely for repairs. While contacting a cheap towing company, you must ensure that the company:

  • Responds quickly
  • Provides good vehicle care
  • Is licensed

We at Seattle Towing Company are one of the most reliable licensed companies that offer cheap towing services in Newcastle, WA. We have qualified technicians, capable of providing cheap towing services for Newcastle residents and all type of vehicles.

Affordable Towing Newcastle


Following a breakdown or accident with a vehicle, stressed vehicle owners need affordable towing to a garage or their home. Under such circumstances, professional and affordable towing companies can help.

Our professional yet friendly technical staff can keep you moving with our efficient and affordable towing services. While maintaining high standards, we provide quick and affordable towing services to Newcastle residents through our:

  • Professional technicians
  • 24/7 availability
  • Certified drivers
  • High-tech towing trucks

As a customer-oriented company, we believe in making more customers through our unmatched and affordable towing services. We make sure your vehicle gets off the roadside and where you need it.

Cheap Tow Trucks Newcastle


Trucks are heavy vehicles that need to be attended or towed away quickly to clear the road. You need heavy duty yet cheap tow trucks for towing these larger vehicles to a garage.

For trucks that have fallen in a ditch or places where they cannot be reached easily, you need to use tow trucks with a boom or under-lift to recover them. We have a fleet of sturdy and cheap tow trucks with:

  • Flatbed lift
  • Integrated boom & wheel lift
  • Hook and chain
  • Flatbed with Wheel lift

We rescue stranded drivers by providing prompt and cheap tow trucks services to reduce their downtime. As a customer-centric company, we provide prompt, high quality and 247 cheap tow trucks services.

We are considered one of the most trustworthy companies offering cheap tow trucks services to Newcastle residents. If you need cheap towing and cheap tow trucks services in Newcastle, contact Seattle Towing Company at (206) 399-0366.