Cheap Towing in 30 Minutes or Less in Fremont


Sometimes a tow job can be pre-scheduled. That normally happens when you need construction equipment or a junk car moved to another location.

But when a vehicle breaks down or an accident happens you need to be able to contact a towing company that responds quickly.

One thing that is common to all situations is that you look for efficient and cheap towing services.

In the Fremont, WA area, turn to Seattle Towing Company when you need affordable towing service that may be low on prices but is high on quality.

With us, you are assured of cheap towing rates as well as immediate towing assistance.

We understand that there is no time to spare when you need a towing service and our cheap tow trucks will you within 30 minutes.

Think only of us, whether you need affordable towing services for:

  • Local or long-distance hauling
  • Flatbed or wheel-lift dolly towing
  • A planned or after-hours emergency job
  • Vehicle or heavy equipment transportation

Call us now for cheap towing services in Fremont.

Cheap Tow Trucks for Fremont Accidents & Winch Outs


Has an accident left your vehicle disabled? Are you looking for affordable towing services that do not cost an exorbitant amount of money? We can help.

Our company assures you of cheap towing assistance to winch out your vehicle or remove your vehicle from the accident site.

Since we entered the tow truck industry in 2005, our #1 priority has been ensuring customer comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

When we provide affordable towing services in Fremont for accidents and winch-outs, we handle tow jobs with:

  • A meticulous, detail-oriented approach
  • Tow trucks that are well-maintained, insured and bonded
  • Licensed and insured drivers
  • Top-of-the-line, powerful winching equipment

Cheap Tow Trucks and Wrecker Service in Fremont


Automotive problems, breakdowns, and collisions are a part of owning a vehicle. It is reassuring to know that an affordable towing company is here to help whenever disaster strikes.

We offer cheap tow truck services in the Fremont area to take your stranded vehicle to safety without affecting your budget.

Available for 24-hour towing service, we keep our towing crew and cheap tow trucks ready for immediate dispatch.

Give us a call if you want cheap towing and wrecker service that:

  • Does not keep you waiting and is delivered by proven pros
  • Moves your vehicle carefully and safely
  • Surpasses the highest industry standards
  • Exceeds all your expectations

Rely on Seattle Towing Company for fast, efficient and affordable towing services in the Fremont area. Call (206) 399-0366.