Cheap Towing in 30 Minutes or Less in Bellevue


You are out on a drive, enjoying the scenery and suddenly your car develops problems and you cannot continue. What to do? You decide to call a towing company.

But which one? Who offers cheap towing but does a professional job in the Bellevue, WA area? We are your answer.

Seattle Towing Company is the cheap towing company to call. We respond to your call within 30 minutes with a trained crew who understand towing.

No matter the size of your vehicle we have the equipment to give you a professional, cheap tow.

You can rely on us and our trained crew members as they are:

  • Courteous
  • Fully trained
  • Knowledgeable

We provide the best in affordable towing services using the right towing equipment for your vehicle. We have been providing quality towing services since 2005.

Call us when you need quick, cheap towing services in Bellevue.

Cheap Tow Trucks for Bellevue Accidents & Winch Outs


A vehicle damaged in an accident needs proper care while towing so that it is not damaged any further.

You want to choose an affordable towing company that has the expertise and the equipment to handle safe towing.

State of the art equipment is a must for doing any job well. We have invested in well-equipped tow trucks and winching equipment.

We will send a tow truck that can wench out your vehicle and transport it:

  • Safely
  • To the location you desire
  • Affordably

We ensure that there are no further damages to the vehicle as we tow it. Your vehicle is securely attached to the tow truck and your vehicle is taken to the location you specify.

All this is part of our affordable towing service for Bellevue residents.

Cheap Tow Trucks and Wrecker Service in Bellevue


The need for affordable towing service can arise anytime. You need to know who to call that will respond no matter the time of day.

As your towing company that offers 24-hour towing service, we will always be available when you need us.

We are the choice of towing services with cheap tow trucks in Bellevue as we:

    li>Have been offering towing services since 2005
  • Employ fully trained personnel
  • Are licensed, bonded and insured

With us as the company having cheap tow trucks and offering cheap towing service, you need not worry about the tow not being affordable.

Plus, we always make sure that your vehicle reaches the designated spot safely.

When you need affordable towing in Bellevue, call Seattle Towing Company at (206) 399-0366.