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​​Need roadside assistance? 
We offer roadside assistance services from a-z. From car to truck roadside services, to passenger vehicle assistance. 
How may we help you? Maybe you left yours light on, need a jump-start? Did you run over a nail? Will change your flat tire.
 Forgot your keys in your car? Don’t worry will unlock it for you. Run out of gas, will bring you some. Having battery problems?
 We have a new battery for you.

Towing Service – Need a tow service? 
Towing is what started our tow company. Our mighty fleet of tow trucks are designed to haul all types of cars, 
SUV’s, trucks, plus motorcycles with our state-of-art wheel lift systems.
 Our pop up dollies when needed allow your vehicle to be towed with your wheels off the ground. 
This is very useful for FWD automobiles, 4WD, light-duty trucks plus vehicles that are disabled because of a mechanical issue.
How may we assist?
Light-Duty Service – Need a light-duty tow service? 
Light-duty towing is for vehicles or equipment that is under 8,000 lbs.
 Our light duty tow trucks are built to haul all types of vehicles, light-duty trucks, plus motorcycles.
 We specialize in light-duty, damage-free, towing transport service in
Seattle, Bellevue, Seatac, Burien, Kent, Federal way, 
Des Moines,
plus all surrounding areas near you.

Medium-Duty Service  – Need a medium-duty towing service?
 Our medium-duty tow service is for vehicles and equipment that weigh 15,000 pounds or less.
 Our medium duty tow trucks are here for all your small fleet vehicles (
FedEx, UPS, Post Office trucks),
 campers or recreational vehicles,
Sprinters, box trucks, cargo trucks, stake body trucks, step vans, 
heavy duty 1-tons , 2500′s, 3500′s, dually trucks, shuttle buses, passenger buses, etc.

Motorcycle Towing –  Need a motorcycle towing service?
 Towing motorcycle’s in Seattle plus all the surrounding Puget Sound areas is one of our specialties to say the least.
 Having problems finding someone to tow your motorcycle or maybe even a scooter? 
Regardless were here for all your Motorcycle and Scooter towing needs. Were here for you 24-7.

24-7 Towing – Now or later, day or night, rain or shine, sleet or snow, 24-7 towing services you can trust plus afford. 
Specializing in our Seattle, Bellevue, Seatac, Federal way, area.
 But also serving all surrounding Western Washington Areas plus beyond.Type your paragraph here.

Affordable Towing Service in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Did your car overheat, breakdown, or get damaged in an accident? Do you need assistance in getting your car out of a precarious situation? None of these situations are associated with fond thoughts, but getting help doesn’t have to be a hassle. We are committed to giving our customers 24-7 Seattle Towing & Roadside Assistance. It is normal to worry about who you are trusting your car to, but you should find comfort in knowing that all of our drivers are professional, fully licensed and experienced. We have over 15 years of experience and when your vehicle is towed by Seattle Towing Company, you can trust to know that it is in safe, reliable hands.

Do we have flat bed towing?

Of course we do. We understand that your car is like family and should be treated as such. Not only is it family, but it is also a major investment. You don’t want it treated just any kind of way. We offer flat bed towing by request. This allows for your car to be towed fully off of the ground and significantly decreases the risk of damage to your vehicle.

What other types of towing services do we provide?

There is also hook and chain, wheel-lift, and pulley towing services. Our experienced drivers will inform you on the best way to tow your vehicle based on the unique situation and positioning once they arrive to the scene.

Why use our towing services?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to deliver quality services that will exceed our customers’ expectations. It is our duty to provide fast, friendly, and reliable service for people using only the latest in towing technology as well as knowing our way around the Seattle metro area so we can respond quickly to your emergency needs. For immediate service call us anytime of day or night at (206)607-9512

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